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Books by Dr. Novick

You Can Look Younger At Any Age--A Leading Dermatologist's Guide, by Nelson Lee Novick, M.D.

You Can Look Younger at Any Age: based upon the 4-R's of anti-aging skin care and therapy, renovating, resurfacing, removing and recontouring, this authoritative, but easy to read and handy volume covers all aspects of the latest in skin beauty and anti-aging home and doctor's office care for pushing back the hands of father time. From antioxidants to alphahydroxy acid "fruit washes," Botox and many other "lunchtime beauty fixes," this book covers the keys for looking great at any age.

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Super Skin--A Leading Dermatologist's Guide to the Latest Breakthroughs in Skin Care, by Nelson Lee Novick, M.D.

Super Skin is an authoritative guide to the basics of proper total body skin care and the management of common skin problems.

Super Skin: An A to Z guide to total skin and nail care, covers everything you need to know about common skin problems, rashes, infections, growths, and special care for special places. Find out what you should know about sex and your skin, pregnancy and your skin, and the role diet, stress and smoking have in your appearance.

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Saving Face--A Dermatologist's Guide to Healthier and Younger-Looking Skin, by Nelson Lee Novick, M.D.

Saving Face is a handy medically based guide for separating fact from fancy in facial skin and hair care. Learn what you can do for yourself by discovering the keys to adequate skin protection, proper cleansing, appropriate moisturization and smart makeup selection. Also learn what your doctor can do for you, empowering you to make more informed choices, participate more fully in your own treatment and get more for your skin healthcare dollar.

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Skin Care for Teens, by Nelson Lee Novick, M.D.

The authoritative medical guide to the prevention and care of common teenage skin problems.

From acne blemishes to yeast infections, it's an easy-to-read everything-teenagers-need-to-know handbook for making the most of their looks and achieving the best-looking skin, hair, and nails possible.

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Baby Skin--A Leading Dermatologist's Guide to Infant and Childhood Skin Care, Nelson Lee Novick, M.D.

Baby Skin is the authoritative medical guide to keeping your child's skin healthy and beautiful.

Bathing your baby—the best techniques and products, the most effective diapers, the importance of adequate sun protection. Skin problems, rashes eczemas, and psoriasis, bug bites and fungi, infections, melanomas and the latest developments in surgery.

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You Can Do Something About Your Allergies--A Leading Physician's Guide, by Nelson Lee Novick, M.D.

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Dr. Novick in the Media

Men's Health, January, 2008; Male Pattern Hair Loss, February,2008; Dispelling the Botox Controversy, April, 2008, pg 3; Healthy Skin All Year Long

Real Simple, June, 2008, Hair in Infancy

MediZine Healthy Living, June, 2008, Psoriasis

Non-surgical Facial Rejuvenation (aired May, 11, 2008)

Click on the clips below to listen to them.

Radio Interview Clip 1 (mp3)

Radio Interview Clip 2 (mp3)

Radio Interview Clip 3 (mp3)

Radio Interview Clip 4 (mp3), Seven-part interview series on completely Non-Surgical Facelifts, Nose Jobs, Eyelifts/Browlifts, Lip Enhancement, Necklifts, Breast Lifts, and Hand Rejuvenation, February-May, 2008. Articles Articles,  "Healthy Skin All Year Long,"  April, 2008, pg 3., Seven-part interview series on minimally invasive in-office cosmetic procedures, which covered Scalpel Sculpting, Eliminating Spider Veins and "Broken" Blood Vessels, Improving Scars, Tackling Cellulite and Stretch Marks, Removing Tattoos, Eliminating Skin Stains and Spots, and the Ten Minute Eyelift, June-October, 2008.

Searching for Fountain of Youth: CBS News, February 11, 2009.

Radio Interview 1

Radio Interview 2

Radio Interview 3

Radio Interview 4

"Thinning Hair and Hair Loss in Women"

The Daily Zeel: You Don't Need Surgery to Have a Nose Job, February 1, 2011

Endless Beauty: 5 Reasons to Wear Sunscreen Today, 2/11 Expert Panel on Rosacea, 5/11.

Non-Surgical Facelifts, June 7, 2011; 

Non-Surgical 3D Vectoring Neck Lift , April 15, 2013;

Spotlite Radio Interview, 2013;

Realself interview Sept 2019 on Electrolysis 

Realself interview Sept 2019 on Glycolic Peel

Acne Scars: Safe, Simple, Inexpensive, & Time-Tested Treatments, June 2020;

Raised Acne Scars: Quick & Simple Fixes to Flatten Them
, June 2020;

Getting that Immediate WOW, June 2020;

Framing the Face with Fillers
, June 2020;

Your Eyes, June 2020;

Rejuvenating the Upper Face, June 2020;

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