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Younger Looking Without Surgery

Dear Patients: Our hearts go out to all impacted by COVID-19. With patient and staff safety a priority, all patients will be pre-screened for fever, cough, and shortness of breath prior to their appointments, and we will allot sufficient time to disinfect the office between patients. The staff will wear gloves and masks, and only the patient him/herself will be permitted into the office. Looking forward to welcoming you soon. Our very best. Dr. Novick & Staff

Dr. Nelson Novick provides dermatology care for patients in the Upper East Side of New York City and at the Cosmedispa location in Israel.

Our office appreciates the opportunity to serve you and to meet your special skin care needs. Our goals are to combine personalized attention with the highest quality of professional care using the latest proven therapeutic advances, techniques and methods for:

  • Treating Hair, Skin, and Nail Problems
  • Achieving Total Facial, Neck, Chest and Hand Rejuvenation without surgery


Acne in Teenagers
Dr. Novick, M.D. discusses the factors of development and flare-ups, symptoms, treatment options, and skin care tips for acne in teenagers. Read more about
acne in teenagers.

Non-Surgical Cosmetic Procedures
Dr. Novick, M.D. has developed a variety of innovative, non-invasive approaches to common cosmetic issues of the face, neck, breasts, and hands. Read more about
non-surgical cosmetic procedures.

Ten Minute Eyelift
Dr. Novick has developed a simple technique for treating significant upper eyelid hooding for a more youthful, more natural appearance. Read more about
the Ten Minute Eyelift.
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